Knock On Corn Mission

We are Nebraskan's that love our state that our grandparents passed on to us, and now we are taking a stand to insure we can pass it on to our grandkids.  Our mission is not about any individual, or promoting any political view, but we are for changing our government to make paying down the State debt the number one goal.


Knock on Corn promotes paying down the Nebraska debt by promoting more business in Nebraska.  As Nebraska businesses sell more products and services, more taxes are collected, and the Nebraska debt is lowered.  It makes total sense like the mathematical formula that says 2 times 2 = 4, so does the formula to pay down Nebraska debt.  The Formula to Pay Down the Nebraska Debt is simple to understand.


Pay Down Nebraska Debt Mathematical Formula

Money spent X Sales tax Collected = Amount to Pay Down Nebraska Debt


It is simple to understand as the more money spent in Nebraska, increases the tax collected, which increases revenue to be used to pay down Nebraska's debt.


Nebraska Running Debt Clock


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Show Support - Purchase from our on-line store.


Support lowering the Nebraska debt by purchasing from our Amazon on-line store.  We will donate 20% profit to pay down our debt. 

Purchase the picture, America's Farming Energy - featuring Nebraska and 25% goes to pay down the Nebraska debt.

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Our State Nebraska & Corn
The State of Nebraska is the 37th state admitted into the Union in 1867.  
Given the name "Cornhusker State" in 1945 in recognition of the University of Nebraska athletic teams, "the Cornhuskers", became the official nickname of Nebraska.   Nebraska Huskers football influences many of Nebraska's residents. During home football games, Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, with a capacity of 85,500, becomes larger than Nebraska's third-largest city. 

The stadium holds an ongoing NCAA-record 308 consecutive sellout streak, which began in 1962. Because most fans wear red apparel, the stadium is referred to as the "Sea of Red" on game days.

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Sea of Red

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